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Try Before You Buy: Motorized Equipment Trials

Purchasing quality ergonomic motorized equipment doesn’t come cheap. Though it is proven to improve bottom lines through injury avoidance and prevention of OSHA fines, there is an upfront cost that may cause some to hesitate. As engineers, we understand wanting to ensure that the products you’re interested in will suit the application, and no one is more familiar with all the potential variables of a transport problem than we are. To ensure that you’re absolutely sold on your potential purchase, consider inquiring about motorized equipment trials and give your solution a test drive. Though the majority of applications are straightforward, not every project is so simple, and it can’t hurt to be absolutely sure of your investment.

Motorized Equipment Trials

1031 Motorized Platform Cart and 1065 Electric Tugger models shown below

1031 platform cart motorized equipment trials1065 electric tugger motorized equipment trials

Some providers of ergonomic motorized equipment may offer a trial of the solutions they provide. Even if you do not see an option for trial units on the website, or in any brochures, it’s still worthwhile to inquire directly. Depending on the specific limitations and variables involved in your application, a business may choose to go the extra mile to make their customer happy. You won’t be able to test drive the exact item if you are considering a purchase of custom-designed equipment, but it may still be worthwhile to try out a similar solution available with the same manufacturer or distributor. Though it may not perform exactly like the final purchase, test driving a similar product can still demonstrate important factors such as quality, durability, ease of use, and capacity.

Benefits of Motorized Equipment Trials

Any new piece of equipment comes with a set of unknowns that an equipment trial can clarify. Here are some of the common questions a test drive can help to answer:

  • Is the unit easy to use?
  • Is the speed range suitable for the application?
  • Can the unit be maneuvered into the areas where it needs to operate?
  • Is there sufficient power to move the load, including up ramps?
  • Does the unit appear to have the quality & durability expected?
  • For carts, is the deck size sufficient for the loads to be carried?
  • For scissor lift carts, can the deck reach high enough and low enough to be a good match for the application?
  • For tugs, is the hitching method convenient?

These are just some of the variables involved in ensuring that your new piece of equipment meets the needs of your application. When a little extra encouragement is needed before committing to an upgrade, trial units can be the necessary step to ease fears and prevent wasting time and money.

At the end of the day, only you can decide what kinds of motorized equipment serve your needs the best, and footing the bill for an equipment trial may be worth it if it helps you make a smarter, more cost effective decision.

For more information on units for motorized equipment trials, and what Electro Kinetic Technologies can offer you, contact our staff and get started with a trial unit today.

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