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The Healthcare group designs innovative ergonomic solutions that increase productivity, reduce musculoskeletal disorders, and boost employee morale. Our chair transport and electric power scooter products provide motorized solutions that enable caregivers to transport patients up to 750 pounds and allow mobility challenged visitors to safely navigate through hospitals and long term care facilities.

Our extensive product line of motorized solutions for the pharmacy, food distribution, central stores, receiving, mail distribution, dialysis and hemodialysis departments allows staff to safely lift and move materials throughout the hospital campus. With our retro-fit program, hospitals can add state-of-the-art motorized technology while saving their existing investment in equipment.

Electro Kinetic Technologies is a registered Medical Device manufacturer and has a Quality Management System compliant with ISO 13485:2003.

Our full line of healthcare ergonomic solutions include:

  • Patient Transport & Weighing
  • Motorized Medical Carts
  • Motorized Platform Carts
  • Motorized Cylinder Trucks
  • Electric Tuggers
  • Mailroom Carts
  • Motorized Linen & Laundry Carts

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Patient Transport & Weighing

Patient transport requires different specifications for moving around people as opposed to simple materials. Our patient transport chairs and bed scales are designed to accommodate the needs of both healthcare professionals and the people they care for.

Motorized Medical Carts

Motorized medical carts help transport hospital and clinic equipment, allowing healthcare workers to easily move medical technology where it’s needed the most.

Motorized Material Handling – Platform Carts

Material handling technology has application beyond the warehouse. For simple material transport, motorized platform carts help improve healthcare facility efficiency and safety.

Motorized Cylinder Trucks

Special technology often requires specialized equipment for its transport and application. Motorized cylinder trucks help transport often vital cylinder tanks to the patients that need them.

Electric Tuggers

Electric Tuggers are there for when pulling heavy hospital equipment or material is inefficient or even dangerous for healthcare staff, because both pushing and pulling forces can cause them injury.

Mailroom Carts

Mailroom carts help keep the administrative side of healthcare safe for employees too.

Motorized Linen & Laundry Carts

Motorized linen & laundry carts are designed specifically to improve the safety and efficiency of maintaining hospital hygiene, because simple jobs are not always 100% safe jobs.


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