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Motorize Your Manufacturing Assembly Parts Transport System

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed ways to safely transport uniquely shaped materials, fragile or volatile gas cylinders and equipment, or exceptionally long or heavy loads requiring custom solutions. For manufacturing assembly operations, material handling needs often require the capacity to transport bins of parts, repeatedly and efficiently. Some of those parts can be particularly heavy, especially in bulk, forcing manufacturers to transport materials in smaller quantities to stay within weight limit restrictions, which can negatively affect productivity. Thankfully, creatively engineered motorized solutions can maintain ergonomic safety standards, while also helping to increase efficiency and output in manufacturing assembly facilities.

Motorized Carts for Assembly Parts Transport

Chrome wire shelving motorized utility cartWhat do these solutions look like? Motorized carts with mounted chrome wire shelving can effectively address most assembly parts transport applications. Such carts come in both standard and custom options, and a few assembly parts bin suppliers provide bins that can fit nicely within a chrome wire shelving structure. In general, the standard models are a solid solution for any customer in need of ergonomically transporting bins of loose material, be they filled with assembly parts or otherwise.

Where the standard chrome wire shelving cart models do not suit the application, there are a few ways that existing manual carts can be modified to create a motorized solution for moving bins of assembly parts. For operations using manual carts already well-designed for their assembly parts transport process, the casters can be removed and the cart can then be mounted on a motorized platform cart to safely increase efficiency. Also, those same manual carts can be retrofitted with a motorized drive system to give the old manual carts a higher degree of functionality and safety.
As with other applications requiring custom containers for uniquely shaped parts, an engineer can also design specialized racks or shelving to secure parts that cannot be placed on simple wire shelving. Motorized platform carts are a versatile starting point for a wide variety of transport solutions, and we have seen them work well in manufacturing assembly operations many times.

Tuggers and Scissor Lifts for Assembly Parts Transport

For manufacturing assembly businesses that prefer not to purchase new carts, tuggers can also be an excellent solution. Tuggers work well in applications that require multiple manual carts or trailers to be transported with equipment that can universally hitch up to and move them. This can be a cost-effective solution in the event that manual carts or trailers cannot all be replaced or retrofitted with motorized drive systems due to budgetary limitations.
Often bins of assembly parts are not just difficult to pull or push across a plant, they can also present a risk of musculoskeletal injury when lifted up and down. For that kind of transport problem, we suggest departing from using a standard platform cart or tugger and trying a scissor lift cart instead. Scissor lift carts are designed with a motor drive system for transport across a facility, as well as with a vertical lift system that can move bins of parts, possibly on shelves, up to working levels for safe access and retrieval.

If your manufacturing assembly operation could benefit from an ergonomic upgrade, we recommend working alongside an engineering consultant in order to reach the safest, most efficient solution for your application. For more information on meeting the transport needs of the manufacturing assembly industry, feel free to contact our staff directly via telephone or our contact page.

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