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Motorized Carts

Whether the job calls for pulling, pushing, or lifting a heavy load, an investment in self-propelled carts and other ergonomic material handling solutions assures that you are implementing a safe and efficient solution for transport. Our battery-powered material handling products help you get the job done, safely.

Our full line of ergonomic material handling solutions include:

  • Motorized Platform Carts
  • Battery-Powered Scissor Lift Carts
  • Electric Tuggers
  • Self-Propelled Gas Cylinder Carts
  • Battery-Powered Utility & Linen Carts
  • Electric Mailroom Carts
  • Custom Motorized Carts
  • Self-Propelled Transfer Carts

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Platform Carts >


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Scissor Lift Carts >


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Electric Tuggers >


electric tuggers - motorized carts

Gas Cylinder Carts >


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Utility Carts >


motorized utility carts

Linen & Laundry Carts >


motorized linen and laundry carts

Mailroom Carts >


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Custom Solution Gallery >


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Transfer Carts >


transfer carts - motorized carts

Application Engineering Services

If you’re still not sure what kind of custom solutions will best address your transport problem, click the link here to learn more about our engineering services. Additionally, our Ask An Engineer portal is always here for you, should you prefer to contact one of our engineers directly via email, with the option to upload photos of your equipment and/or work environment. Whether or not a motorized platform cart is the best battery-powered material handling solution for your needs, an Electro Kinetic Technologies engineer will guide you in the right direction.

To help you accomplish your ergonomic and safety goals, we work with our clients to offer solutions matched to their requirements. When you choose us as a partner, our engineering staff will work with you to identify options from our extensive ergonomic material handling solutions portfolio and help you select the one that provides you the best overall value. When the best value solution is achieved, the payback on the investment can be as little as 12 months while continuing to pay positive dividends beyond the payback point in the form of improved productivity and decreased workers’ compensation premiums.

WE ARE DIFFERENT. We don’t try to fit round pegs in square holes. That is why the best option for you may be a custom solution. Our engineering team will work with you to develop a written, detailed design specification for your application. First we listen to you, then we design a motorized cart or trolley to meet specific needs.

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Examples Of Solutions We Have Provided Clients

  • Motorized carts with capacities up to 40,000 pounds
  • Custom sized platforms
  • Custom hitches for tug applications
  • Custom user interface controls
  • Custom mobile scissor lifts with platforms up to 12 feet long
  • Alternative frame materials, stainless steel and aluminum
  • Outdoor, wash down and clean room environments
  • Integration of motorized solution with client’s existing equipment
  • Complete product design for OEMs
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