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As part of an ergonomic solution, Electro Kinetic Technologies offers engineering services and analytic services to help you achieve your material handling goals.

With our unique experience in motorized drive systems and industrial automation, we can help analyze your cart design as well as your plant layout. We then suggest modifications and integrate a solution into your system – saving you time while lending expertise.

Our ergonomic solutions focus on improving safety and increasing productivity, but we also consider how our motorized carts, scissors lifts and tuggers fit into your overall operation. We generate complete detailed specifications including requirements such as voltage, temperature ranges, ingress protection, incline capabilities, payload capacity, batteries and recharging needs, traction and more. As needed, Electro Kinetic Technologies also provides services such as:

  • Conduct a walkthrough at your plant or facility
  • Provide input on your current plant layout
  • Analyze your manufacturing work flow
  • Recommend how you can improve productivity

Beyond producing custom carts that make it easier to push, pull, lift and transport, our engineering services span diverse applications, such as:

  • Window and door manufacturer – Electro Kinetic Technologies not only designed and produced motorized carts to address specific needs in this manufacturing facility, but also assisted in designing parts storage bunks for improved productivity.
  • Industrial manufacturer – Our engineers worked with the customer to provide a motorized cart solution with features such as automation for docking and interlocking with other equipment; a collision-detect function; and magnetic feedback for docking.
  • Food manufacturer – We provided systems analysis for how carts flow through the manufacturing process, including a floor walk-through analysis. Our solution included custom carts, integrating both motorized and non-motorized carts.
  • Marine/fishing equipment operator – Electro Kinetic Technologies was asked to produce a marine-duty, washdown-capable piece of motorized equipment to withstand harsh oceanic environments, while minimizing weight on a bay or platform. A complex project requiring expert engineering services.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your ergonomic and safety goals.

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