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8000 Electric Shopping Cart

Unlike other electric shopping carts, the Mid-Wheel Drive EZ-Shopper 8000 provides exceptional maneuverability without sacrificing the advantages of a transaxle drive system. Available in a rainbow of standard colors including blue, red, green, tan, gray and black or we can color match the plastic to your corporate specifications. Features include;

Superior power with 0.6 hp DC motor & dual drive wheels
Maximum Traction – drive wheels located directly under the rider
Economical operation – over 80% motor efficiency
Quieter running – less than 45 db
Greater reliability resulting in low maintenance costs & less downtime

The EZ-Shopper 8000’s shorter wheelbase also provides increased side stability making it harder to tip compared to other carts. This results in a safer, more comfortable ride.

In addition to the color options other available options include:

  • Two basket sizes: 9100 in3 or 6600 in3
  • Small items tray
  • Key or keyless power on
  • With or without armrests
  • Gauge package:  battery charge indicator and run time hours display
  • Extended battery package provides 33% run time power


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