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Industrial Electric Tuggers

The physics of industrial electric tuggers is best described as a cart puller or towing vehicle, let’s say an SUV, that hitches up to an independent trailer. The trailer itself isn’t motorized – it’s the powered tuggers that move and direct the trailers. As with an SUV and trailer, pulling carts forward with battery powered tuggers is simple enough, but backing up can be more challenging. Still, since the operator faces in the direction of backing when a powered tugger is pushing a cart, this task is quickly mastered. The longer platform length of the cart plus the cart puller may create additional limitations. However, the convenient aspect of industrial electric tuggers, is their ability to hitch up to multiple manual carts and move them wherever needed. For less constricted warehouses and work environments with multiple manual carts and trailers to move, battery powered tuggers can be an excellent cost-effective solution.

Some benefits of industrial electric tuggers include:

  • Industrial Electric Tuggers can be moved between non-motorized carts
  • Can tow a train of carts
  • Increases efficiency in a workspace
  • Protects employees from musculoskeletal injuries caused by unmitigated push/pull forces
  • Easy maneuverability in tight spaces

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