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Electric Tuggers

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Evolving Technology that Continuously Improves Material Handling

It’s time to put some power behind your manual carts. Just as a 600-horsepower pick-up truck can tow a trailer, our line of electric tuggers does just that with hefty payloads – and safely too. Motorized material handling equipment such as our battery-powered tuggers increases productivity, making your warehouse operation faster and virtually effortless. With a variety of hitching options and payloads, our specially engineered Electro Kinetic Technologies tuggers can smoothly transport anything from a cart stacked with boxes full of parts to pallets that only your forklift could have moved.

Not only will our motorized tuggers handle your materials with ease, they help eliminate push/pull forces that cause workplace musculoskeletal injuries from maneuvering manual carts. Custom handle height ranges and additional safety features go the extra mile in keeping your employees safe and your injury liability low. Between fewer worker’s comp claims and improved employee longevity and turnover, a motorized electric tugger can be a transformational investment in your operation’s future.

Let us show you how to navigate your material handling needs with ease – as it should be.

Our Electric Tuggers:

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