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There’s A Cart For That: Linen & Laundry Solutions

No one likes to encounter a sparse array of options when investigating much needed products or services. A dearth of prospective solutions limits the possibility that we will successfully find one to suit our needs, especially if those needs are very specific or unique. Thankfully, for institutions, healthcare facilities, and hotels the motorized ergonomic cart models designed to solve both safety and efficiency problems for linen and laundry services are as diverse as the applications in which they are used.

Motorize A Manual Cart

motorized laundry cartsAs opposed to a tugger, a motorized cart is ideally suited for operations in need of individually powered carts, rather than a single-piece solution that is shared among many carts or transports multiple manual carts at once. However, individually motorizing each linen and laundry cart doesn’t have to require the purchase of entirely new equipment. When existing linen and laundry carts are already outfitted with the right storage containers and features, those carts can still be utilized in an equipment upgrade by mounting those carts onto a motorized platform cart, like the ones offered here, or by retrofitting the manual carts with a motorized drive system and controls. If the goal is to reduce, reuse, and recycle, transforming existing linen and laundry carts into independently powered upgrades can absolutely keep your staff safe from overexertion, while enhancing overall efficiency.

Go For A Full Motorized Cart Upgrade

Anodized Aluminum shelving motorized utility linen cartWhen brand new equipment is the order of the day, modern ergonomic motorized carts can get the job done. Almost any of the motorized platform cart models available can be modified by the manufacturer to include simple additions like laundry bins, chrome wire shelving, and even lockable cabinets for protecting supplies. Motorized carts themselves are easily operated and require almost no training, while eliminating the push/pull forces that cause MSDs in hospitality and healthcare employees. Sometimes starting fresh with a new equipment warranty is the best value for your investment, and users can rest assured that standard ergonomic motorized carts are excellent solutions for linen and laundry applications.

Advanced Features For Unique Requirements

Not every motorized cart manufacturer can provide custom carts or features, but engineering cost-effective custom carts is one of our strengths at Electro Kinetic Technologies. For linen and laundry applications, enhanced maneuverability sometimes is required in order for laundry service workers to safely navigate tight hallways and storage areas. In those cases, we often suggest the addition of a retractable drive system that allows the cart to move sideways. Other custom modifications can be added for special circumstances that require enhanced safety features, motorized upward lifting capacity, etc. When standard motorized solutions won’t properly serve your linen and laundry specifications, don’t worry, they are not the be-all and end-all of ergonomic solutions. Consulting with an engineer is the first step in finding what customization and additions will work for you.


For more information on motorized carts and linen and laundry solutions, connect with one of our ergonomic equipment experts via our Contact page.

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