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Ergonomics in the Fieldhouse: Motorized Carts for Moving Equipment

Ergonomically Impacting the Fieldhouse

As with office buildings and medical clinics, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine how ergonomic motorized carts for moving equipment could be a necessity in a fieldhouse or university athletics center. However, when you think about all the time and effort that goes into setting up a basketball game, conference, or large seminar, there is a lot of rearranging done by the staff at the fieldhouse. Lifting, pushing, and pulling carts in order to arrange the fieldhouse for a particular event happens on almost a daily basis. This is where ergonomic motorized equipment can make a difference in moving equipment efficiently and safely of running a successful fieldhouse.

The Power of Ergonomic Motorized Carts for Moving Equipment

The multiple purposes of a fieldhouse, from sports activities to conventions, means that there is a wide variety of equipment that must be both set up and torn down on a regular basis. This equipment includes:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Tumbling mats and protective floor coverings
  • Sports equipment (e.g. balls, nets)
  • Exercise equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Vending machine supplies
  • Food service carts
  • Mobile vending stations

The Power of Ergonomic Motorized Equipment for moving equipment in the fieldhouse such as chairs
With so much equipment to move around, it is important to think of the possible Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD injuries) that can occur from excessive push-pull forces that are inevitable when transporting such heavy pieces. Ordinary manual carts are often used to transport and store equipment needed in fieldhouse operations. However, sometimes the equipment is simply too heavy to pull and push on a cart without increasing the risk of injury.

electric tuggers for moving equipment in the fieldhouseAn electric tugger is an excellent general purpose solution to help prevent MSD injuries when moving equipment. With a good hitching solution, a tugger can attach to the manual storage and transport cart and provide the power needed for easy cart movement.

Custom Motorized Platform Cart for moving equipment in the fieldhouseA custom motorized cart can be developed as a special-purpose solution for transporting fieldhouse furniture without causing musculoskeletal injury. Retrofitting carts with a drive system and controls also allows for a cost effective solution while protecting employees from MSD’s.
Consider the time, commitment, and intensive labor that your staff goes through in order to make sure your fieldhouse runs successfully. With constant sports games all year long as well as events such as conferences and seminars, fieldhouse staff can easily become worn down from all the physical labor in order to keep the fieldhouse looking in top shape. Don’t put your staff at risk for MSD injuries that could easily cost you thousands of dollars to fix. Instead, put your dedicated staff first by giving them ergonomic motorized equipment so that their work can be easier, safer, and ultimately more productive.

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