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Transport Problem: How to Work With What You Have

You already know that the current manual carts at your shop or warehouse won’t safely prevent musculoskeletal injury and keep the operation moving along swiftly. However, if replacing all of the old equipment seems wasteful, expensive, or unrealistic for your approach to doing business, a retrofit solution might be a better option. For those looking at a retrofit but uncertain how to proceed, this blog highlights key elements you’ll need to consider when you contact an engineering firm or equipment provider.

When to Retrofit Existing Equipment

First, you need to ask yourself what you’re seeking to change on your existing carts. Would you like them to be motorized, updated with new parts, or ergonomically redesigned? Do they need to accommodate new plant safety regulations or increased payload capacities? Or, would you simply like to add a motorized solution to move the existing carts or platforms safely and easily? If none of those questions fit your need exactly, and you just want to see what can be done with what you have, it is still a great idea to stay open to a retrofit solution and the possibility of using technology that’s new to your facility, yet simple to use.
Involving an engineer in a retrofit project is essential to building a solution to your Transport Problem, and a skilled one can take a look at your existing manual carts and go from there. Just be prepared to answer the above questions to get the most out of your engineering consult.

How to Retrofit Existing Equipment

Depending on how you answered those questions, you may have settled on some specific needs your new retrofitted solution must fulfill. If you’d like to motorize manual carts, incorporating motorized casters, mounting existing equipment on a standard platform cart, or utilizing a retrofitting kit are all potential solutions. For more complex updates and safety features, be prepared for your engineer to outline a full custom retrofitted design. However, in the event that your existing equipment operates just fine, but you still need a better means of moving your cart around your plant or warehouse, skipping the retrofit and purchasing an electric tugger might do the job.
Knowing what your needs are, and the options out there that might be able to meet them is an important part of becoming an informed consumer of motorized ergonomic solutions in the workplace. Once you’re ready to explore your options with an engineer, contact us, and we’ll help get you started on fixing your Transport Problem.
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