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Transport Problem: Working With Your Environment

Moving payloads both large and small can be a tricky process when considering the environmental obstacles your operation works around. The wrong piece of equipment may not only prove to be ineffective under the wrong workplace conditions, but also dangerous, sometimes causing injuries to employees and damage to materials and products. Making a list of your environmental workplace constraints before talking to a sales person or engineer can help protect you from making an unwise motorized material handling equipment purchase.

Environmental Workplace Hazards to Watch For

So what workplace practices and constraints can sabotage the functionality of your ergonomic motorized solution? Like a car, forklift, or any other piece of equipment, several key factors can damage parts or inhibit maximum productivity:

  • Humidity
    • Wash-down environment, or frequent use of a power-washer or hose
    • Exposure to rain, snow, sleet, etc.
    • Regional location near an ocean with high atmospheric salt content
    • Temperature
    • Equipment can typically operate in temperatures between 0 and 40 degrees Celsius
  • Work Surface Conditions
    • Concrete, carpet, linoleum flooring
    • Inclines
    • Grass, gravel, or other uneven ground
  • Clean room or Sterile Conditions
  • Hazardous Location
    • Near oil and gas, nuclear, or otherwise volatile operations and infrastructure

Not every piece of ergonomic motorized equipment is designed to handle high humidity or temperatures. Environmental hazards like uneven floor surfaces, tight work spaces, or exposure to moisture can impact the efficiency of your equipment. Though an ergonomic motorized cart may operate just fine in a sterile workspace, that workspace may not remain sterile for long when introduced to the wrong kind of material handling equipment. Noting these types of workplace constraints can help sales staff and equipment experts find the best solutions for you and avoid wasting your time and money on a well-intended, but inadequate option.

Solve Workplace Constraints with Custom Motorized Carts

Now that you know what kinds of environmental hazards and conditions to note, what sorts of options can you expect to fully accommodate your needs? Though standard equipment models are designed to handle most payloads and safety concerns, they don’t always have what it takes to work properly under more extreme or rare kinds of environmental constraints. For high humidity and temperatures, exceptionally small workspaces, serious workplace hazards, and rooms that must be kept sterile, custom motorized carts can be an excellent option when standard models can’t meet your needs. A skilled engineer can filter out any non-viable standard solutions, tailor an existing piece of equipment to your specifications, or start from scratch with a totally unique design. Money spent smart is rarely wasted, which is why we recommend consulting with an engineer regardless of what equipment you think you need at the start.

For any questions on accommodating environmental workplace hazards, contact us, and one of our experts will guide you towards the most complete ergonomic solution for your operation, be it standard or custom.

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