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Schedule a Walk-Through For a Total Solution

When it comes to protecting your employees from injury and maximizing efficiency, we wouldn’t recommend following the adage ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you’. Certain problems with space or logistics might be easier for the average business owner to spot on their own. However, when it comes to identifying each and every way your warehouse, clinic, or retail space stands to improve, calling in the experts gives you the opportunity to address the risks before they result in damage to your employees and your bottom line.

What Can an Expert Do For You?

Depending on your application, contracting with a consultant to address workplace safety or efficiency might be your best option. An engineering consultant familiar with the physics behind MSDs should be able to take a look at your space and identify both safety risks and ways to pick up the pace, whereas a safety consultant focuses primarily on safety issues. Though the upfront cost of hiring a consultant might turn some off from scheduling a walk-through, the cost they save a business in the long run after identifying unseen issues typically outweighs the price of their time and energy. Not only do consultants save businesses money, they also provide business owners peace of mind and a leg-up in a market that continually forces competitors to increase output and lower costs.

A Walk-Through With Electro Kinetic Technologies

Given that some businesses are still unaware of the risks associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) Electro Kinetic Technologies offers walk-throughs for clients seeking expert advice. When requested, one of our engineers can be called out to take a tour of the entire operation in order to identify any areas of concern. As experts in ergonomic motorized transport equipment, our staff is well-versed in assessing injury risk, OSHA safety requirements, and designing custom solutions for complex logistics problems. The more our engineers become familiar with the application, the physical space, and the current workplace processes, the easier we can provide our customers with a total solution.
If you are interested in solving the problems you know are there, but can’t identify on your own, contact us online, by phone, or email.

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