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Platform Carts vs Tuggers

In the realm of ergonomic motorized equipment, there are quite a few options both standard and custom for businesses looking to improve safety and increase efficiency in their place of work. Amidst all the choices available, it’s easy to get lost and require some help in understanding which options are best for your specific applications. Should you go with a tugger, or a custom scissor lift? Would a simple motorized platform cart do the job, or would a remote control driven transfer cart be the better option? Today, we’re going to look at one of the most common questions our engineers receive: What’s the difference between a platform cart and a tugger, and which should I purchase?

What You Need To Know About Platform Carts

motorized platform carts
Motorized platform carts are essentially self-powered carts. The physics are similar to the idea of loading up the bed of a pick-up truck and driving it wherever it’s needed. The motorized casters provide easy maneuverability for tight spaces. However, because the motor is physically attached to the trailer platform, in order to move multiple loads, you need to purchase multiple platform carts.

The maneuverability can be especially important to move particularly heavy loads. Our center wheel drive systems can handle up to 4,000 lbs for standard models, and up to 40,000 lbs for Electro Kinetic Technologies’ custom designs. In summary, if any of the following apply to your situation, consider a platform cart:

  • Tight working spaces, requiring a sharp turning radius
  • Need for optimum speed in moving materials on independent carts all at once
  • Bigger budget for multiple cart purchases if needed

When To Purchase a Tugger

electric tuggers
The physics of a tugger is best described as a towing vehicle, let’s say an SUV, that hitches up to an independent trailer. The trailer itself isn’t motorized – it’s the motorized tugger that powers and directs the trailer. As with an SUV and trailer, pulling a cart forward with a tug is simple enough, but backing up can be more challenging. Still, since the operator faces in the direction of backing when a tug is pushing a cart, this task is quickly mastered. The longer platform length of the cart plus the tugger may create additional limitations. However, the convenient aspect of tuggers, is their ability to hitch up to multiple manual carts and move them wherever needed. For less constricted warehouses and work environments with multiple manual carts and trailers to move, tuggers can be an excellent cost-effective solution. If any of the following aspects describe your application, you may want to consider picking up a tugger:

  • Less constricted work environment
  • Many manual carts needing occasional transport
  • Budget sufficient for a tug but not a set of motorized carts

We hope that our explanation for when to purchase tuggers and platform carts was helpful. However, if you still feel like you might need more guidance before making a purchase, please don’t hesitate to give us a call, or fill out our contact form. For those wanting a more hands-on service, schedule a walk-through, and one of our engineers will take a look at your space to help you find a solution to your transport problem.

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