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Ready, Set, Recycle: How Retrofitting Keeps Businesses Lean

We live in an era of ever-increasing pressure to reduce the overall environmental footprint of businesses, institutions, and individuals. Therefore, the more we can re-use, re-purpose, and re-design for maximum overall efficiency, the more sustainable our technological and entrepreneurial dreams will be. Recycling old technology appeals not only to the environmentally conscious, but also to the budget conscious, because updating old, yet still functional equipment can often be a cheaper alternative to buying new equipment. Many industries label this practice “retrofitting”, and it has applications in just about every area of manufacturing and engineering. This is great news for businesses that understand the need for ergonomic motorized equipment to protect their employees from MSDs, and their businesses from liability, but don’t want to throw out still-functional manual carts to make room for upgrades.

A Greener Way to Keep Employees Safe

As indicated above, retrofitting existing transport equipment can help improve the environment and your bottom line. Here’s how:

  • Avoid wasting existing assets
  • Lower the cost of overall equipment updates
  • Free up storage space where currently defunct/outdated equipment sits
  • Reduce landfills by not throwing out usable equipment
  • Save the same amount of money on insurance premiums as you would if you had bought new equipment designed to foster a safer workplace
  • Advertize retrofitting and equipment recycling initiatives to boost public image & sales

Retrofitting Impact Beyond Employee Safety And The Environment

Though immediate improvements to workplace safety, efficiency, and budgetary concerns are always welcome, repurposing old equipment has even further reaching benefits. These days, businesses that are committed to more sustainable practices open doors for grants, loans, and business opportunities offered by private organizations and both local and federal governments in the U.S., Canada, and elsewhere. Simple changes like retrofitting could be a step in the right direction towards expanding your company, or obtaining much needed funding for new product design or research and development. Additionally, existing private and government sustainability programs may help cover the upfront cost of retrofitting initiatives and equipment updates through loans or grants in an effort to encourage businesses of all sizes to implement better practices.

Retrofitting is therefore a relatively simple change packed with extensive potential benefits. If you think retrofitting existing transport equipment might be the right solution for protecting your employees from MSDs and lowering your overhead costs, contact us and one of our engineers will help educate you on all the available options. At Electro Kinetic Technologies, we are committed to creating an ergonomic solution that works for your business, which doesn’t always mean starting from scratch.

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