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2100 Cylinder Delivery Cart

2100 Cylinder Delivery Cart

2100 Cylinder Delivery Cart
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Introducing the industry’s first motorized liquid gas cylinder cart with “automated” loading and unloading that reduces the risk of operator musculoskeletal-related injuries, along with potential injuries to the fingers and hands.

The patent-pending Pony Express 2100 Motorized Cylinder Delivery Cart safely and effortlessly moves large liquid gas cylinders on flat, inclined and rough surfaces. The ergonomically-designed cart’s powerful drive system easily maneuvers cylinders in tight spaces and its built-in braking mechanism prevents loss of control on sloped surfaces.

  • Capacity: 20″ (500 mm) diameter gas cylinders up to 850 lbs.
  • Cylinder Heights: 57.0″ to 69.0″ (1450 to 1750 mm).
  • Speed Range: 0 to 3 miles/hour (4.8 km/hr).
  • Up to 10 miles (16 Km) of operation between charges.
  • UL/CSA listed on-board smart charging system, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.
  • Industrial, medical and commercial use.
  • Automatic sleep mode to conserve battery power when not in use.
  • Horn & emergency stop button.
  • Regenerative dynamic braking insures a controlled stop at any speed; electro-mechanical parking brake.
  • Heavy-duty welded construction with powder coat painted finish.
  • Dimensions: 56.3″ L x 25.5″ W x 50.8″ H (1430 x 650 x 1290 mm).

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