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Eliminate Workplace MSDs with Custom Features

At this point in your research for an ergonomic motorized solution for your warehouse or plant, you’ve probably come across both standard models of motorized carts, as well as custom products. Though a standard model very well could be the most cost effective musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) preventative for your operation, custom features can address additional concerns that may still be present at your company and cannot be adequately solved by a standard solution.

Custom Features in Real World Applications

For most applications, a standard employee-driven motorized cart suits just fine. However, there are also times when the safety and productivity advantages you seek can only be realized by using a custom cart with features that address your unique application. For example, our own engineers have encountered a transport problem where the cart in question needed to run independently along an elevated track. The customer wanted to safely deliver materials to employees working several feet above the ground along a significant distance. The goal of using an elevated track was to make the materials easier to access directly at the point of use, resulting in significant gains in productivity.

Custom Features that Work: Wireless Control, Hoist Rings, & Guide Rollers

In order to allow the cart to operate safely on the elevated track, we built the cart for wireless control by an employee at a safe distance away. This addition included clearly visible indicators for battery charge level and for whether the cart was powered up. For initial installation and periodic servicing, a safe method of getting the cart up and down off the track was also required. Our engineers added hoist rings on all four corners of the cart, which allowed for easy lifting of the cart on and off track. To keep the structure lightweight, the track was designed as simply two flat surfaces a few inches wide each, with a safety fence along the sides. Additional guide rollers at the four corners of the cart that run along the fence were used to keep the cart on track. For that same project, our engineering team accounted for the possibility of imperfections in track structure by providing spacer plates for adjusting caster height, guide roller height, and widthwise location.
For complex applications like this one, it’s easy to see that custom features are required in order to provide a cart suitable for the application. Only with a properly designed custom cart can the customer reap the benefits of greater safety and enhanced productivity. A simple ergonomic motorized cart is often a great start, but definitely not the end-all-be-all of MSD prevention. That’s where custom features come into play.

Should you be interested in more information on the kinds of custom features Electro Kinetic Technologies can add to an ergonomic motorized solution, don’t hesitate to connect with us via our Ask An Engineer Portal.

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