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Tool Cart vs. Utility Cart: Which Option is Right for You?

It’s relatively easy to confuse a tool cart with a utility cart if you aren’t sure what to look for. Though there is some application cross over between the two, both have distinct purposes in the manufacturing, material handling, and hospitality industries.

The ‘Utility’ in Utility Carts

Utility carts are the perfect solution for storing and transporting supplies, parts, equipment and sometimes tools – especially in janitorial or maintenance applications. They are more versatile than a specialized tool cart, and can significantly improve the ease and speed of routine maintenance, cleaning, and repair tasks.

The multi-purpose nature of their storage bins makes motorized utility carts the perfect solution to musculoskeletal injuries in a wide range of workplaces – from hospitals and large-scale institutions to resorts and manufacturing plants. 

Utility carts are also widely available in both standard and custom models. Their sturdy chrome wire structure can accommodate standard shelving for linens and cleaning supplies in addition to customized bins for specialized parts and equipment. At Electro Kinetic Technologies, our utility carts can be outfitted with the same unique payload and safety specifications we offer with any of our motorized carts. 

The Tool Cart Difference

Tool carts are designed for the specialized storage and transport of tools required for a specific application, and are therefore almost always a custom build. The application might include industry-specific tools needed to repair automated equipment in a manufacturing plant, or standard tool kits used by handymen. 

Due to the uniqueness of the tools and equipment involved, the customer will usually provide their own existing shelving to be reused, modified, or retrofitted. With a utility cart, customers usually rely on the cart manufacturer to provide the more versatile storage solutions they need. 

Our tool carts are typically constructed from an existing manual tool cart that is mounted to a motorized platform cart. This allows our customers to retain all of the specialized shelving and containers they need for specific tools, while improving productivity and preventing injuries to staff.

In some cases, we will encourage a customer to upgrade simple manual utility carts to a more specialized tool or material handling cart when it is clear that their existing carts are not well-suited to the application. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a fully customized tool cart or standard utility cart, don’t underestimate the impact of its weight on your employees. No matter how seemingly simple the task is, an ergonomic motorized cart is always necessary when transporting tools and supplies weighing 50 lbs and up. 

For more information on motorized utility and tool carts, get in touch with one of our ergonomic equipment engineers today. 

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