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Streamline Die Transport with Specialized Die Handling Carts

Working with heavy dies in some manufacturing operations can make safe material handling complicated. To address these unique workplace safety problems, engineers have developed motorized die handling carts that are powerful enough to prevent injury and improve overall workflow.

 The Problem: Die Transport is Dicey

From injection molding dies to stamping and progressive dies, the applications in die transport are extremely varied. Typically, working with dies involves sliding them off of storage racks and onto a cart, then moving them to a process machine, raising them to the required work height, and finally positioning them into the machine for use. When the process run is finished, that transport processes is completed again in reverse.

Moving hefty dies throughout this process is rife with musculoskeletal injury risks. Everything from sliding a die off of a shelf, to pushing it across the shop floor can cause overexertion, strains, or sprains in employees. Additionally, transporting these dies requires positioning them at a low center of gravity. Otherwise they are prone to tipping, which can further cause injury to workers and damage to other equipment. The manual carts commonly used to transport dies are not capable of effectively mitigating these risks.

How Motorized Die Carts Improve Safety and Efficiency

The motorized die carts used to prevent workplace injury are simple to operate and effective at eliminating the push/pull forces that cause musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). They are battery-powered and can be easily charged when the carts are not in use. Additional customization can be added to the die carts to position the dies for loading and unloading using a hydraulic lift or dual electric lifts when more precise positioning or leveling of the die is required.

The tops of motorized die carts can also be customized to reduce or eliminate injuries while transferring dies onto and off of the carts. Available custom options include UHMW plastic, ball transfer, gravity fed conveyors and powered conveyors. All these options can be added and powered by the on-board batteries, allowing the die carts to be operated anywhere within the facility without needing access to power.

In addition to preventing injury during transport, motorized die carts can also be designed with additional features and customizations that enhance operation and safety. Custom controls, platform sizes, and safety lighting are just a few of the solutions  available.

The payloads for such carts are also customizable and can be designed to accommodate a wide range of weights up to 40,000 lbs. Whatever the payload requirements, safer die transport processes also improve overall workflow efficiency, adding to the value of your equipment investment.

For more information on how motorized die carts can protect your employees and streamline die transport, contact one of our engineers here.

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