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1040-E (Extreme) Motorized Platform Carts

Proudly Made in America
1040 Platform Cart
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The Pony Express 1040-E (Extreme) motorized cart product line is used in healthcare, manufacturing, entertainment, retail, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and linen & laundry industries to eliminate employee injuries. The design is extremely compact, allowing them to safely navigate tight hallways, corridors, or manufacturing aisles. The Extreme series models have a higher capacity drive system and safety features that allow them to safely handle greater inclines up to 15 degrees.

Our latest 1040-E models are also outfitted with deep cycle AGM batteries, which provide over 2 times the life of standard AGM batteries. Dead man smart controls prevent accidents from happening when the operator takes their hands off of the controls. 

Usable Platform Size
Model # Capacity (lbs.) Incline Rating at Full Load (degrees) Deck Height (inches)  Width  (inches)  Length (inches)
1040-E 1000 15 12 24 32
1040-SE 1000 15 15 25.5 40
1040-ME 1000 15 15 25.5 49
1040-LE 1000 12 15 25.5 61
1040-HDE 1000 15 15 34.5 52


Variable Speed Range: 0 to 1.5 mph low setting, 0-3.0 mph high setting
Battery: 44 Ah, AGM, 8 hours of operation.
Battery Charger: Internal, 120/240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, UL, cUL, CE
Recharging Time: Approximately 4 hours
Parking Brake: Electromagnetic
Chassis: Welded steel with powder coated finish
Drive Wheel: Puncture proof, non-marking
Operating Temperature: -40° C to +70° C
Charging Temperature: -23° C to +60° C
Noise Level: < 65 dBA

Safety Features

  • Horn, 68 dB operator controlled
  • Emergency belly button stop switch
  • Dead man operation. Unit comes to a controlled stop when operator removes hands from controls
  • Automatic holding brake prevents cart from moving on inclines when parked

Other Features

  • Deep cycle AGM batteries provide over 2 times the life of standard AGM batteries
  • Power on, hi/low speed switches. 
  • UL/cUL, CE listed on board smart charging system
  • Illuminated battery charge indicator to monitor state of charge on batteries

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