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Electric Power Scooter

Visitors to hospitals and long term care facilities may be temporarily non-ambulatory or have mobility issues that make it difficult for them to navigate hallways and elevators safely. The Electric Power Scooter product provides a safe, motorized mobility solution for your visitors to ensure they travel through your facility without risking injury due to falling. With a commercial grade frame and durable plastic platform, this electric power scooter can provide mobility for visitors up to 750 pounds.

Electric Power Scooters
  • 750 pound visitor weight capacity.
  • Commercial grade frame and durable plastic platform.
  • 180° turn in a 6 foot hallway.
  • Quiet running, less than 45 db.
  • Safety seat switch. Unit will not operate unless visitor is seated.
  • On board batteries with charging system provide up to 20 hours of continuous operation between charges.
  • Non-marking tires.

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