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Pony Express AC Tugger 25K+

Proudly Made in America

AC Tugger – 25K+

Empower your industrial material handling needs with the newest addition to our tugger lineup. This all electric tugger joins the AC Vector Power© family, with the ability to tow at least 25,000 lbs of heavy duty material, making it a versatile solution for any industrial application. Looking for a cart with even more power? These new tuggers are customizable to your specific needs, so get in touch with one of our sales engineers today to start a conversation.

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  • Move loads safely up to 25,000 lbs. on casters, 100,000 lbs. on rails
  • Available with AGM and Lithium battery packs
  • Built-in motor sensors allow the control to throttle back the motor, protecting it from thermal overload
  • Solid state sensor prevents tugger operation when mast is in vertical position
  • Tugger crawl control in front to assist in coupling when needed
  • Two speed selector switch standard on all models
  • Customized hitches and couplers available


  • Safe – UN38.3 certification allows for global safe transport with no special packaging, in contrast to other lithium battery chemistries that are prone to spontaneous combustion
  • Long-Lasting – Can be 14X the life of AGM and GEL battery technologies, thanks to our battery management system that signals operators to recharge at an 80% discharge point
  • Powerful – 100% of rated capacity regardless of rate of discharge
  • Fast-Charging – 6X faster than lead acid batteries
  • Green – Low environmental impact at disposal
Cycle Life vs. Depth of Discharge

AC Vector Technology

With our AC Vector Power© technology these electric powered carts deliver maximum power and torque across the entire speed range unlike traditional DC technology. This gives you the Power You Need at Any Speed© to move any load, anywhere, under any conditions with precise speed control down to 0.1 mph.

AC Vector Power Technology graph
Swappable Battery AC Motorized Cart

Battery Pack

Cradled AGM or lithium battery packages are available for easy removal during maintenance or hot-swappable when the motorized carts are used in 24/7 operations.

AC Tugger 25k+ - Phone Battery Charge Monitor App

Time-Saving Technology

The advanced battery monitoring system installed on all machine tuggers is designed to provide both visual and audible warnings when the battery pack is running low and needs to be changed or recharged. This system helps to ensure the electric tuggers are always operating at peak performance and minimizes the risk of unexpected downtime due to a dead battery.

Bluetooth® capability allows you to connect your smart phone wirelessly to your entire fleet. With a downloadable app, you can easily monitor and manage your fleet from the convenience of your smart phone. This app gives you the ability to access real-time data, check vehicle performance, history data, trending and more. With this capability, you can stay up to date with the health of your fleet and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

AC Tugger 25k+ - Battery Charge Monitor
AC Tugger ReGen Technology

AC ReGen© Technology

AC ReGen© Technology used during braking enables the electric powered cart’s kinetic energy to be converted back to electrical energy that replenishes the on board batteries thereby increasing the time between recharging.

Coupling Assist

The jog control switch located at the front of the electric tugger provides the operator with a simple and easy coupling assist. When needed, this momentary switch allows for closer viewing of the coupling operation while providing a slow forward or reverse movement of the tugger machine.

AC Tugger 25k+ - Jog
Finite Element Analysis Rendering

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

To ensure our products meet or exceed your most stringent requirements, our motorized cart designs are put through rigorous finite element analysis (FEA) with added safety margins.


Recommended Load Weight – Casters: 25,000 lbs.
Recommended Load Weight – Rails: 100,000 lbs.
Incline Rating: Consult factory
Length: 52”
Width: 30”
Variable Speed Range: 0 to 1.5 mph low setting, 0 to 3.0 mph high setting
Battery Pack: 48 VDC, 100 Ah AGM or
48 VDC, 120 Ah lithium iron phosphate
Battery Management System: Visual and audible indicator when battery pack should be recharged. Bluetooth® capability and app to monitor battery status on smart phones.
Battery Charger: External, 85-270 VAC, single-phase, 50/60 Hz. Nominal input current: 6A/2.9A, 120/240 VAC. UL, cUL & CSA.
Recharge Time: Approximately 90 minutes
Parking Brake: Electromagnetic
Chassis: Welded steel with powder coated finish
Drive Wheel: Puncture proof, non-marking
Operating Temperature: -40° C to +70° C
Charging Temperature: -23° C to +60° C
Noise Level: < 65 dBA
Ingress Protection: IP 42, Controller IP 54
Adjustable Ergonomic Handle
Warning Horn
Belly Button Switch Stop
Automatic Brake Upon Release - Flat Surface - AC Tugger 25k+
Automatic Brake Upon Release - Incline - AC Tugger 25k+

*Also referred to as Operator Presence Control (OPC) or Vigilance Control

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