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1060 Electric Tuggers

1060 electric tuggers

The PONY EXPRESS 1060 Electric Tuggers provide an ergonomic solution that increases productivity, reduces musculoskeletal disorders and boosts employee morale.

This power mover can be hitched to a variety of carts including, linen, laundry, food distribution, pharmacy, endoscopy, dialysis, medicine, and many others. The design is extremely compact allowing you to navigate tight hallways, corridors or manufacturing aisles with loads up to 1500 pounds.

Using the 1060 Electric Tuggers is a simple 3 step process

  1. Pull up to cart
    1060 electric tuggers hitch step 1
  2. Connect
    1060 electric tuggers hitch step 2
  3. Drive Away
    1060 electric tuggers hitch step 3

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