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1052 Custom Motorized Scissor Lift Cart

1052 custom motorized scissor lift cart

The Pony Express 1052 Customized Scissor Lift Cart can safely move and lift  loads up to 2500 pounds.

This rugged, easy-to-operate custom motorized scissor lift cart increases your company’s profitability by significantly increasing productivity and reducing workplace injuries. Research studies conducted at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, have indicated that pull/push or lifting forces in excess of as little as 35 pounds contribute to musculoskeletal work place injuries in employees.

This is why many manufacturers have instituted requirements to limit the push/pull and lifting forces in material handling. When these levels cannot be achieved using a manual cart, a motorized solution such as the Pony Express can reduce these injuries and provide a significant return on your investment dollars.

The custom motorized scissor lift cart has a unique crawl speed feature that limits the forward and reverse speeds to 25% of the normal range when the platform is not in the full down position.  This allows the operator to still move the cart at a reduced speed for fine positioning when the load is raised. This can also be customized to eliminate all forward/reverse movement when the platform is not in the down position.

Available Options

  • Ball transfer top for die handling
  • Rotating top
  • Conveyor top
  • Stainless Steel top
  • Accordion safety skirting
  • Safety sensing edging to prevent pinch point
  • Collision detect systems
  • Foot control switch
  • NEMA/IP enclosures for electronics
  • Acceleration/deceleration and speed profiles customized to your application
  • Higher capacity battery packs
  • Payload capacities above 2,500 pounds
  • Larger platforms and higher lifts

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