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Transfer Carts

Transfer carts from Electro Kinetic Technologies can safely, smoothly and efficiently transport heavy and oversized loads in manufacturing environments.

Our space-saving, ergonomic transfer carts can help you reduce the use of forklifts and overhead cranes to move and handle large payloads – while improving safety.

As experts in custom motorized cart solutions, we design and produce transfer carts to handle materials such as industrial pipe, dies, metal coils, heavy equipment, structural steel, components and assemblies. Our advanced-technology transfer carts can help you:

  • Minimize lost time waiting for parts and material delivery.
  • Reduce potential damage of material during transport.
  • Improve plant safety using controlled movement without overhead loads.
  • Improve visibility of load and surrounding area during transport.
  • Simplify control during load movement with easy-to-operate user interface systems.
  • Increase maneuverability compared to towing options.

Electro Kinetic Technologies’ engineering team can address your specific needs to improve workflow, safety and productivity. We offer custom ergonomic solutions for specific load movement requirements, as well as modular, scalable and flexible transport approaches.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your ergonomic and safety goals.

See our transfer cart case study to learn more about how we assisted a manufacturer. This versatile transfer cart (shown above) from Electro Kinetic Technologies was originally designed to carry loads of 40-ft. stainless steel pipe.

  • Payload capacities up to 40,000 lbs.
  • Smaller footprint and less training required than forklifts
  • 360-degree control
  • Ergonomic control station
  • Wide range of platform sizes
  • Safety features available
  • On-board battery charging for DC-powered drives
  • Flat decks or fixtures customized for specific loads.
  • Custom deck configurations including built-in scales and lift/tilt/rotate capabilities.
  • Track or trackless, non-guided steering. Alternative drive and steering systems including gear reducer axle drives and individually-controlled drive wheels.
  • Fixed or variable speeds with forward/reverse function.
  • Drives with acceleration/deceleration capabilities.
  • Variety of operator control systems including fixed user interface, pendant control on coil cord, and radio-controlled remote operation.
  • Battery technologies: wet, dry (AGM, GEL, lithium iron phosphate)
  • Safety features including horns, flashing lights, e-stops, bumpers and collision avoidance systems.
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