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10000 to 30000 lb Capacity Motorized Carts

Pony Express AC Motorized Carts

Proudly Made in America
10000 to 30000 lb Capacity Motorized Carts

AC Motorized Carts

With the introduction of our newest electric powered cart product line with AC Vector Power© technology, the next generation of all electric heavy duty material handling carts has arrived. These industrial electric carts can stand up to the most challenging applications and environments for moving heavy loads up to 30,000 pounds. Need higher payload, rail guided, or remote controlled carts? Check out our transfer carts.

Features & Benefits

With our AC Vector Power© technology these electric powered carts deliver maximum power and torque across the entire speed range unlike traditional DC technology. This gives you the Power You Need at Any Speed© to move any load, anywhere, under any conditions with precise speed control down to 0.1 mph.
Cradled AGM or lithium battery packages are available for easy removal during maintenance or hot-swappable when the motorized carts are used in 24/7 operations.
Electronic Steer-By-Wire Technology (ESBWT)
- Full 90 degrees left or right steering wheel movement allows for a turning radius approximately the length of the cart.
- Eliminates the maintenance of hydraulic and other mechanical systems.
- Minimal turning forces reduces operator fatigue and injuries.
AC ReGen© Technology used during braking enables the electric powered cart's kinetic energy to be converted back to electrical energy that replenishes the on board batteries thereby increasing the time between recharging.
To ensure our products meet or exceed your most stringent requirements, our motorized cart designs are put through rigorous finite element analysis (FEA) with added safety margins.
The advanced battery monitoring system provides a visual display of critical battery parameters including state-of-charge, consumed amp-hours, and battery voltage. Visual and audible indicators provide alerts to the operator providing them with feedback that it is time to recharge the batteries. Bluetooth® capability and a downloadable app provide additional monitoring capability on any smart phone.

Capacity: Up to 30,000 lbs.
Standard Usable Deck Size: 36″ wide x 62″ long. Custom sizes and tops available.
Drive System: 1.7 kw, 48 VDC bus with 3-phase AC Vector Power© drive technology.
Drive Wheel: 12″ diameter with polyurethane tread.
Variable Speed Range: 0.1 to 1.5 mph – low setting

0.1 to 3 mph – high setting

Braking: ReGen© Technology. Pumps energy back into batteries during braking, increasing the time between recharging.
Parking Brake: Electromagnetic
Chassis: Welded steel frame.
Operating Temperature: -40° C to +70° C
Charging Temperature: -23° C to +60° C
Ingress Protection: IP 44
Noise Level: < 65 Dba
Battery Options: 48 VDC, 100, 200, or 300 Ah AGM
48 VDC, 120, 240, or 360 Ah lithium iron phosphate
Charger Options: Internally mounted with optional external charging station for swappable battery packs.
Charger Ratings: 120/240 VAC, single phase, 50/60 Hz, 6A/3 A input.

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