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Manufacturers Get Creative with Motorized Carts

Why would you use motorized carts and tuggers when you have forklifts, mules and pallet jacks available?

Manufacturers are facing challenges in their facilities when it comes to delivering materials to manufacturing cells that are compactly designed for efficient use of space. Typically, materials are stored and transported on a pallet, moved onto a forklift or onto a mule which pulls a train of carts through the facility. But forklifts and mules are often too large or can’t maneuver into these spaces, making it difficult to transfer materials into cells.

Some companies are getting creative and using motorized ergonomic solutions to accommodate their changing material handling landscape.
One global manufacturer uses motorized carts as part of its assembly process for a large engine product. The product is placed onto a motorized cart and can travel easily from station to station as it receives parts. The cart not only offers motorized transport for the heavyweight product within a small area, but can also be configured to be picked up by a mule at the end of the assembly line for transfer to its next destination.

While forklifts, mules and pallet jacks have their uses, motorized ergonomic carts and tuggers offer additional advantages in manufacturing settings:

  • Exceptional maneuverability and tight turning capabilities
  • Fit into small cells, narrow aisles or confined spaces
  • Multiple uses ranging from standalone, high-payload carts to mules or train cars
  • Can be used as a mobile part of an assembly line
  • Ideal for non-palletized material
  • Typically less training required than for forklift operation

Electro Kinetic Technologies helps companies solve their material handling challenges as manufacturers seek leaner operations and smaller footprints. Our complete line of motorized ergonomic products also helps reduce musculoskeletal injuries among employees, saving costs and improving efficiency. Contact us to learn how our custom ergonomic solutions can help you achieve your goals.

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