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Hidden MSD Risks and Safety Solutions: Resorts & Casinos

Top-notch customer service and luxury amenities at the nation’s most popular resort and casino destinations are dependent on guest room attendants, pool attendants, casino staff, and kiosk operators. Like any job requiring some degree of physical labor, ergonomics are essential; but resort and casino staff may be at risk for musculoskeletal disorders caused by the constant push/pull nature of their work in moving equipment and supplies. Here is what you need to know in order to keep your employees safe and capable of providing the exceptional services your clientele expects.

No R&R for Resort and Casino Staff

The risk of injury for resort and casino staff is substantial when we look at all the different types of physical labor they perform. Any time an employee is pushing a utility cart, mobile kiosk, chip cart, linen and laundry cart, or transporting chairs and tables, luggage, or pool supplies, they are at risk for both acute musculoskeletal injuries and slow-developing chronic ones. Not only is it unfortunate that an employee has been injured while working hard on the job, chronic musculoskeletal injuries often prevent employees from ever going back to work and threaten their ability to support their families. These injuries can also cost you potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars in insurance premiums, medical costs, OSHA fines, and employee turnover. Additionally, any bad press or PR that could result from a major incident could deter consumers from choosing your hospitality business in favor of competitors.

Another sometimes overlooked problem that arises with incidents of workplace injury is a drop in employee morale. The more stressed your employees are on the job, the less they will be able to provide exceptional customer service for your guests. Employee satisfaction is a major indicator for both workplace productivity and customer satisfaction, and work that feels grueling and unsafe can seriously damage both the employee and customer experience.

Resort and Casino Material Handling Solutions

Carts and kiosks are heavy, especially with the extra weight added on by the supplies they carry. One way to alleviate the damage caused from the strain of pushing and pulling this weight is to motorize the otherwise manually propelled kiosks and carts. Standard models of motorized carts provided by Electro Kinetic Technologies can be customized with shelving, wire racking, lock boxes and safes, food storage and kiosk features to make them suitable for resort and casino applications. It’s also possible to take existing food kiosks, chip carts, bill validator carts, bulk transport and utility carts and either mount them on a standard EKT motorized platform cart or retrofit them with a drive system and controls, allowing you to repurpose the equipment already in stock.

However, not all resorts and casinos are able to retrofit existing equipment or purchase a whole new fleet of carts and kiosks. For applications like these, we recommend tuggers, which can hitch to a variety of carts and kiosks and safely transport them. Tuggers are also excellent solutions for enhancing efficiency, because they can pull multiple carts at the same time.

Overall, motorized carts and tuggers are versatile solutions for keeping your employees safe, your resort and casino operations running smoothly, and your customers satisfied. For more information on the kinds of solutions available to you, connect with one of our experts today via the Contact page or the Ask an Engineer button if you have more technical questions.

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