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Healthcare: Medical Equipment Carts & Tuggers for Workplace Safety

Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a major problem for today’s nurses, CNAs, and orderlies. They cut short the careers of our caregivers and cost the entire field in both employee turnover and medical bills. With the right technology and training, we can prevent these injuries and retain more healthcare professionals.

Why We Need Motorized Medical Equipment Carts & Tuggers

Electro Kinetic Technologies has regularly blogged about MSDs in the healthcare industry, and why healthcare employees experience MSDs at nearly twice the national average. OSHA has compiled study after study outlining this problem. In addition to unsafe patient handling methods, we have found that moving heavy monitors and medical equipment cause MSDs.

As medical devices advance, employees are moving more heavy equipment with unsafe manual carts and trolleys around large hospitals and across healthcare campuses. The total impact of these daily stressors can cause carpal tunnel, joint sprains, and chronic back pain. Motorized equipment, such as medical equipment carts and tuggers, are designed to prevent MSDs like these.

Ergonomic Motorized Medical Equipment Carts & Tugger Solutions

The unique nature of medical equipment makes preventing MSDs in healthcare a challenge. Some examples of these devices include large, heavy weights used to test patient handling systems, and hefty oxygen tanks of various sizes. A completely custom solution may be needed in some cases, but to keep costs down for the customer, we use standard equipment when possible, while still offering as much customization as needed. For motorized gas cylinder carts specifically, entirely standard models are already available.

For more unique equipment, the simplest solution is often to mount existing or new medical equipment onto a standard or custom motorized platform cart. Racks, shelving, or containers can also be added to a motorized platform cart to hold equipment in place, and provide storage. This gives hospitals the opportunity to use their preferred brand of medical cart, while also getting the benefit of motorization.

When there are larger numbers of medical equipment carts and a shared solution is suitable, we may suggest an electric tugger instead. Tuggers can pull multiple loads at once, and can hitch to almost any manual cart. A variety of standard hitches are available, and custom hitches can be provided if needed.

For more information on motorized medical equipment carts and tuggers, contact an engineer.

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