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Finding the Right Fit for Patient Transport

Transporting patients in a hospital, clinic, or nursing home is part of the job for nurses or CNAs but sometimes there are obstacles that make this task harder. It takes energy and excessive pushing and pulling to move a patient in a manual wheelchair, over barriers, on carpeted floors and on inclines.

Take a look at the overall footprint of the patient transport chair you are currently using. Does it fit the current needs of all of your patients?

If not, there is another option: the BREEZ 1025-G Electric Transport Chair. This particular chair is being used in several VA hospitals. Many in the healthcare industry have found it easy to maneuver and it fits easily on elevators, and in hospital, clinic, or nursing care facility rooms. It has a thoughtful design and a classic blue frame. Here are some of the chair’s highlights:

  • Weight Capacity: 750 pounds
  • Easy side or front-loading of the patient
  • Easy maneuvering in hospital rooms and crowded hallways
  • It’s motorized, so there’s no manual pushing or pulling

The small footprint of the chair allows for a tight turning radius so you can easily navigate crowded hallways and fit easily into elevators. The standard IV pole, and optional articulating-arm IV pump/pole arm not only increases safety, but it also means you can transport the patient on your own, without the need for a second caregiver or additional medical personnel. There’s even space included for belongings and medical gear.

The 1025-G is manufactured in the United States and it is currently under a General Services Administration (GSA) contract.

Check out the Patient Chair BREEZ 1025-G for more information.

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