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Electro Kinetic Technologies Expands Portfolio of Ergonomic Motorized Scissor Lift Solutions

The Pony Express motorized scissor lift cart can safely move and lift loads up to 2,500 pounds. 

Germantown, Wisconsin – Electro Kinetic Technologies today announced the release of their Pony Express 1052 Motorized Scissor Lift Cart product line. The 1052 motorized scissor lift cart provides a motorized solution that enables users to eliminate excessive push/pull and lifting forces while moving loads up to 2,500 pounds.

Research studies conducted at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety have concluded that pull/push or lifting forces in excess of as little as 35 pounds contribute to musculoskeletal workplace injuries in employees. The 1052 eliminates these forces by integrating both a variable speed motorized transport and lifting solution into one product.

The 1052, available in a variety of platform sizes and vertical heights, features a self-contained rechargeable battery pack making the unit completely mobile throughout any facility. Other options include, ball transfer top for die handling, conveyor or rotating tops, accordion safety skirting, variety of NEMA and IP enclosures for electronics and customized acceleration/deceleration profiles.

Unique crawl speed feature ensures the safe transport of materials – The 1052 has a unique crawl speed feature that limits the forward and reverse speeds to 25% of the normal range when the platform is not in the full down position.  This feature allows for fine positioning of a load when the platform is raised while preventing excessive speeds that might create an unsafe condition.  The feature can also be customized to eliminate all forward/reverse movement when the platform is not in the complete lowered position.

Modex 2014 BannerLearn more about the Electro Kinetic Technologies Pony Express 1052 motorized scissor lift cart at Modex 2014 in Atlanta, March 17 through 20, booth 6639.

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