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Does Your Transport Cart Move 5000 Pounds?

Are you required to move carts or equipment that weigh up to 5000 pounds? Are you comfortable while getting the job done?

It could be time to take a look at The Pony Express 1065 Electric Tug. This is a cart mover that features an innovative ergonomic controller mast design that can be easily adjusted for a comfortable working height for any user. It has helped reduce employee injuries from strain and fatigue, which ultimately boosts employee moral and productivity. The Pony Express 1065 can be hitched to a variety of carts, including linen, laundry, food service and food distribution, pharmacy, endoscopy, dialysis, medicine, and many more. The Tug combines a compact and rugged design that helps you safely move carts or equipment up to 5000 pounds, whether you’re in a warehouse or moving through the halls of a hospital.

Take a look at some of the highlights.

Pony Express 1065

  • Ergonomic – unique handle design adjusts to a wide range of user heights.
  • Powerful and compact – handles loads up to 5000 pounds in a small footprint.
  • Versatility – adaptable front plate allows limitless hitch options (both standard and custom) to move most any load.
  • Multiple hitch options are available (including custom).
  • Adaptable – can pull single or multiple carts.
  • Long-lasting charge – 8 hours of operation between charges.

Easy to Use Tugger Design

Using the 1065 for transportation is a simple three-step process.

  1. Pull up to the cart.
  2. Connect.
  3. Drive away.

Not only is it easy to use, it has features that you will appreciate in your business, such as maintenance free non-marking tires.
Although the company’s engineering team continues to expand their portfolio of hitches in their catalog, if you don’t see one that fits your requirements, they can provide a custom design that will fit exactly what you need.

For more on this transport product and other material handling solutions, contact a team member.

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