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Create the Custom Platform Cart You Need

Isn’t it great to have options? Finding the specific powered platform cart that you need for you business is an efficient idea, it’s just a matter of knowing what you need. How long and how wide does the cart need to be? Do you need to consistently haul 1000 pounds or up to 3000 pounds? Answering these questions first will help you zero in on just the right product.

Many clients have special requirements that require a handling system that is specific to their needs. Over the years, Pony Express engineers have worked with clients to provide innovative, cost effective, custom solutions including:

  • Different size platforms
  • Different materials including stainless steel and aluminum
  • Integration of a scissor lift
  • Custom enclosures for payloads
  • Cabinets for payloads
  • High capacity payloads
  • User interface controls

Pony Express has a family of products and several powered platform carts. The 1031 series has four different products with varying widths, lengths, and the payloads ranging from 1000 to 3000 lbs. Custom platform sizes and higher payload capabilities are available. And if you can’t find the perfect specifications, you have the ability to customize the cart so it fits your exact specifications.

Let’s break down each model so you can start to narrow down what you need.

Pony Express Transport Model 1031 Series


The Pony Express 1031 Powered Platform Cart has unique features that include the spring-suspension and center wheel transaxle drive system. This system extends the life of the transaxle drive and improves the performance over inclines. The 1031 has an extremely tight turning radius that reduces transport time. There are four different models within the 1031 series.

  • Deck Size: varies by model, useable platform width of 25.5-34.5”
    Useable platform length of 52-61”
  • Weight Capacity: varies by model, 1500-2000 lbs

Click here for more information the Model 2031 series.

Pony Express Transport Model 1032

1032top1lgThe 1032 Pony Express 1032 Powered Platform Cart has optional side rails and removable risers to accommodate fork lift access, and provisions for tie-down strapping.

  • Deck Size: can be customized for any size up to 50” by 100” long
  • Weight Capacity: 3000 lbs

More specifications on Model 1032 are available here.

Pony Express Transport Model 1040

1040top1lgThe 1040 Pony Express powered platform cart is an economical solution for lighter payload transport needs. The 1040 has similar features as the 1031 product with the same controls and a front axle drive system.

  • Deck Size: Usable platform width of 24”
    Useable platform length of 32”
  • Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs

More specifications on Model 1040 are available here.

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