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Custom Ergonomic Carts

Although we offer a wide variety of motorized solutions to meet the needs of our customers, sometimes they need more. To fill this need, we offer several programs to help you utilize motor and control technology to eliminate the high costs associated with musculoskeletal disorders.

You have reviewed the specifications for the available truck carts, scissors lift carts and tuggers and have concluded that your application requires a more advanced solution because one or more of the following may apply.

  • The application requires multi-axis motorized solutions, lifts, powered conveyors and/or transport
  • Your application has some challenging environmental constraints including temperature, terrain, or ingress protection (IP rating) requirements
  • Payloads that exceed 2000 pounds. This could be for transport or a lifting motion
  • The platform needed to hold the load is larger than our standard product offering
  • The load has some challenging mechanical characteristics that need to be considered in the solution
  • The application requires additional automation to integrate the solution into your manufacturing workflow
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Retro-Fit Program

You are finding that your employees are getting injured because of the excessive push/pull or lifting forces required to move the equipment or you have conducted an ergonomic evaluation of your facility and have identified equipment that puts your employees at risk of musculoskeletal injuries. You have decided to correct this situation however you have made a significant investment in this equipment and are looking for a solution that saves this investment.

Working with your team our engineering group can integrate ergonomic motorized solutions that will save your capital investment while eliminating the risks associated with manual transport or lifting of these loads.

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OEM Contract Innovation, Design & Manufacturing

Electro Kinetic Technologies is an engineering, customer focused company with over 30 years of design and product development experience. Leveraging this experience has allowed us to help clients integrate motor and control technology into their products or to develop complete product solutions. Our design team can manage the entire product development cycle including, writing the specification, product design, testing, production, certification and after sales product support and service. Using our value engineering approach, we maximize our existing supplier channels to provide unique products while leveraging our buying power to provide cost effective solutions for our clients.

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