Metal Stamping Industry Case Study

Metal Stamping Industry Custom Die Cart

The Customer

An industry leader of automated machinery for the rolling mill industry needed a motorized solutions for helping their customers safely move and position dies weighing up to 2,000 pounds. These dies needed to be loaded and unloaded into the machines that process the coiled metal stock. The solution required a hydraulic scissor lift to vertically position the dies and a motorized drive system to move the dies around the customer’s facility.

Application Evaluation

The Electro Kinetic Technologies engineering team started with a Pony Express 1052 motorized scissor lift design. This unit has an onboard battery pack that powers the traverse and hydraulic lift motions allowing the operator to safely move the cart anywhere the dies are needed in the facility and operate the lift without having to connect to an external AC power source. The 1052 also has a unique crawl speed feature that limits the traverse speed to 25% whenever the top is not in the lowered position. This helps to prevent the cart from tipping whenever it goes around turns while providing the operator with precise speed control for positioning the dies. Metal Stamping Industry Custom Die Cart

Solution Description

A custom double deck top was designed with a gravity fed conveyor and removable front stops to allow easy loading and unloading of the dies. The cart also included a safety skirt protecting personnel from the pinch points normally found on scissor lift carts.

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