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A Better Ride On EZ Shopper

Virtually nothing is more important in retail than the customer experience, and for less mobile customers, the quality of a motorized shopping cart can have a serious impact on their satisfaction and basic ability to access the products they need. It may seem like electric shopping carts are the same just about everywhere you go, with little variation in capacity from one brand to the other but with the EZ-Shopper 8000 series, motorized cart manufacturers are providing a shopping experience like no other motorized cart on the market.

Superior Electric Shopping Carts Provide a Superior Shopping Experience

The EZ-Shopper is customer favorite because of its increased capacity, durability, safety, and accommodations for disabled shoppers. Its unique “mid-wheel drive” system combines the proven durability and reliability of a transaxle drive, while also providing enhanced maneuverability and unmatched operational safety. With any motorized vehicle, big or small, operational safety is a concern, especially when preventing tip-overs or collisions. Better maneuverability helps customers avoid shelving and fellow shoppers, minimizing the potential for injury to themselves or others.

The EZ Shopper also drives more quietly and has a shopping basket that’s 50% larger than other electric shopping carts on the market for added customer convenience, but the special features of this customer-first retail cart don’t end there. The 8000 series is especially designed with differently-abled customers in mind, and has a set of unique hand controls that can be operated easily even by customers with less dexterity or limited arm mobility. Its extra-durable frame can carry up to 1000 pounds, absorbs shock, and is dent, scratch, and chemical resistant.

Shoppers with mobility issues want a safe and convenient shopping experience just like any other customer, and the EZ Shopper 8000 series provides that to a “T”. However, this exceptional electric shopping cart option can also serve the primary needs of shop owners too.

The EZ Shopper Electric Shopping Cart: Easy On Your Budget and the Environment

When purchasing an electric shopping cart, store owners want a quality model that’s easily maintained, isn’t overpriced, will last a reasonably long time, and has a respectable battery life. The EZ Shopper 8000 series accomplishes all of that and then some with the addition of an energy-conserving electrical system. Not only does the EZ Shopper have an 80% motor efficiency rate, it can also operate 33% longer with more extended battery life than other electric shopping carts.

In addition to saving electricity, the EZ Shopper has the lowest cost of ownership due to its durability. During those few times your cart will need servicing, the EZ Shopper’s rear deck can be flipped open for quick access to all components. Overall, this electric shopping cart provides retail establishments the best value on the market.

Aside from giving your pocketbook a break, the EZ Shopper is also easier on the environment. We’ve already talked about its energy-saving motor, but it gets better. 100% of this electric shopping cart is recyclable, so that when the day comes to replace the EZ Shopper, your old model won’t take up space in a landfill.

From the perspective of both customers and store owners, the EZ Shopper 8000 series is an excellent deal, but Electro Kinetic Technologies is here to guide you no matter what your ideal solution ends up being. For more information on providing your customers with a better and safer shopping experience, connect with a motorized cart expert via our Contact page.

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