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Be the Healthcare Facility of Choice: Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

We’ve all seen it before. The prestigious local healthcare facility with an impressive and flashy marketing campaign boasting that they are the best choice for care. Employees and patients flock to the campus for a livable wage, or to restore and maintain their health.  And they become disappointed about what they see and experience if it doesn’t meet with their expectations.

Sometimes that suave advertising campaign doesn’t ring true for workers or patients once the threshold is crossed. The facility may have cramped rooms, whole sections of the campus making due with older equipment, or the need for a major retrofit to make caring for patients safer for employees.

There’s nothing more disappointing for employees working a physical job in a healthcare setting to be wooed by the promise of the best of the best to learn that there just isn’t enough money to implement that safe patient handling or ergonomic program.

Bonus: Evidence shows that reducing employee injuries actually can save you money!

And this sweeping change couldn’t come at a better time for your facility. According to a news release published last week, OSHA’s got your back (literally and figuratively) on this one.

 “We urge all hospital executives that are ready to protect workers, enhance patient safety and save money to go to our website, take the self assessment … (and) compare your hospital with benchmarks from high-performing hospitals.” -David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for OSHA last week at a news conference announcing the launch of the site osha.gov/hospitals.

Want some help selling the payback numbers to your decision makers?

I’d like to propose a challenge for you.

  1. Make your case to the medical foundation, the donors, and the board of your healthcare facility to put your money where your mouth is.
  2.  Plan to fully invest in your employees by making sure they’re working in a safe environment. (That’s where we swoop in to help with our material and patient handling motorized carts!)
  3.  Their word of mouth will easily make your investment come back to you ten-fold as you outperform other facilities in employee and patient comfort, safety, and satisfaction.

Your healthcare facility legacy begins today.

Contact an EK-Tech representative to get a copy of our white paper that will help you with your case to your stakeholders to help you take the first big step in truly making an indelible mark on your community.

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