Custom Endoscopy Carts

ENDO-1085_001 Compressed

Research studies conducted at the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, have indicated that pull/push forces in excess of as little as 35 pounds contribute to musculoskeletal work place injuries in employees. This is why many hospitals have instituted requirements to limit the push/pull forces exerted by staff while moving equipment.

When these levels cannot be achieved on a manual endoscopy cart because of weight, carpeting on floors, or inclines, a motorized solution such as the 1085 Pony Express motorized endoscopy cart can reduce injuries and provide a significant return on your investment dollars.

The 1085 PONY EXPRESS motorized endoscopy cart offers a customizable platform that can be configured to your exact requirements with a motorized drive system to completely eliminate excessive push/pull forces exerted by caregivers.

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