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Motorized Scissor Lifts

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Mobile Electric Scissor Lift Tables for Material Handling

Mobile Electric Scissor Lift Tables for Material Handling

Our product line of battery-powered electric scissor lift carts provides a secure and dependable means to move and lift materials up to 4,000 pounds. All of our electric platform lift carts come equipped with a motorized drive system to provide power for moving and a hydraulic lift table allowing workers to adjust the height of materials to a comfortable and efficient level.

With onboard batteries these carts can be used anywhere in your facility without having to connect external power to operate.

Small Electric Platform Lift Carts

The Pony Express 1050-EL small scissor lift cart is an economical and practical choice for a variety of businesses. With a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds and options that include safety skirting, conveyor and ball transfer tops it is the trusted solution for customers in healthcare, hospitality, retail, and light manufacturing.

Motorized Scissor Lifts

Heavy Duty Electric Lift Carts

The Pony Express 1052 industrial electric lift cart can be customized to move a wide variety of payloads up to 4,000 pounds. Options include platforms customized to your exact requirements, wide range of vertical lifts, safety skirting, conveyor tops, and ball transfer tops. These mobile lift tables also come with a unique safety feature limiting the forward and reverse speeds when the top is not in the down position.

Motorized Scissor Lifts

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We understand that no two customer requirements are the same. Whether standard or custom, simple or complex, flexible or tailored, we provide electric lifting machine solutions to address the unique requirements of each customer. Call us at 262-252-7740 or send an inquiry.

Motorized Scissor Lifts

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