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Custom Carts

Looking for a Custom Solution?

For unconventional applications where a standard product will not work, Electro Kinetic Technologies specializes in custom carts solutions to meet your material handling needs. Our team of engineers will work with you to design and manufacture the product that fits your exact requirements and within your budget. To see some samples of our work, visit our custom gallery located at the bottom of this page

The road that leads to a custom engineered solution, is a collaborative journey between our clients and our technical staff. The road can lead to fairly simple levels of customization or one that leads the team down a path toward new innovative technologies. Over the years, we have helped clients achieve their goals within the automotive, metals fabrication, petrochemical, aerospace, utilities, food processing, healthcare and retail industries to name a few. Although the industry and complexity of the projects are vastly different, the process and steps are the same.

Come walk with us on this journey through this example of one custom engineered solution.

Step 1: Identify The Problem

This is the most crucial step in the innovation journey. If not done correctly, the rest of the road will be longer and much harder. That is why at this point in the process, we focus on asking questions and more importantly listening to the client’s responses. This can be done over the phone, webcast or at the client’s facility. The client and our technical staff then form a project team that mutually develop a detailed design specification that encompasses all that has been learned.


What is the client’s vision of an ideal solution? This vision will include but not be limited to technical, business and operational goals.

Step 2: Define The Goals And Objectives
Step 3: Concept Creation

At this point in the journey, it is time to take all of the information the team has gathered and have our technical staff develop some concepts of what a solution might look like. Fairly simple projects usually move quickly past this point in the road. More complex projects may have a longer journey through advocacy, screening and even experimentation phases before all of the concepts are properly vetted and the client selects the best concept to move forward.


Our technical and commercial staff develop a proposal for the client’s project using as a foundation, all of the work the team has done up to this point in the process. Since no two projects or clients are identical, the proposal is tailored directly for the individual client’s situation, providing enough detail so they can make an informed business decision whether or not to proceed with the project.

Step 4: Project Proposal
EKT Engineering Services

Once the client has approved the project, our engineering team goes to work taking the client selected concept and starting to turn it into reality. The first gate we reach in this process, are models and drawings of the design that are presented to the client for their approval. Once the client approves the design, we move through the next gate and complete the engineering.


The last segment of the journey is where we assemble and test each product against the design specifications to insure that the final product meets or exceeds the requirements that were defined at the very beginning of the project.

Step 6: Manufacturing And Testing

Step 7: Deliver Final Product

Check out some examples of Electro Kinetic Technologies’ custom electric carts.

Motorized Cart For Moving Pipe
Motorized Cart for Moving Pipe

A manufacturer of mechanical power transmission equipment and parts for industrial machinery needed a motorized solution to move heavy pipe around their facility. The top includes forklift rails for the pipes to be easily loaded and unloaded onto the cart.

Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs.
Deck Size: 36” x 72”

Custom Motorized Scissor Lift For Medical Device Manufacturer
Custom Motorized Scissor Lift for Medical Device Manufacturer

Designed for a manufacturer of medical device, this motorized scissor lift has a stainless steel top with removable side panels.

Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs.
Deck Size: 36” x 48”

Vending Machine Service Cart
Motorized Vending Machine Restocking Cart

Electro Kinetic Technologies completed a semi-custom solution for a national institution with multiple, multi-level facilities across the country. However, the final product we designed has applications for restocking vending machines in any large company headquarters, healthcare facility, campus, stadium, government building or complex.

Motorized Test Weight Cart
Motorized Test Weight Cart

This solution designed by the customer and Electro Kinetic Technologies was comprised of two components: a motorized cart capable of transporting up to 1,000 lbs of test weights, and a ramp by which to safely load and unload the service vans.

Load Capacity: 1,000 lbs

Motorized Low Boy Cart
Motorized Low Boy Cart

Low boy carts allow operators to easily load and unload materials. These carts can be made with a fixed edge to prevent materials from slipping off the platform, or a drop down ramp.

Load Capacity: 1,100 lbs
Deck Size: 23” W by 32” L. Deck is 2” off floor

Motorized Material Supply Cart
Motorized Material Supply Cart

A manufacturer in the housing industry needed a way to haul materials on an elevated track for ease of production.  Requirements included wireless control, lift rings for the cart, and guide rollers on each side running along a fence to maintain alignment on the track.


Load Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Deck Height:  11.5” above track
Usable Deck Area:  34.5” W x 52” L

Custom Platform Cart For The Nuclear Industry Final Product
Custom Platform Cart for the Nuclear Industry

A company that specializes in decommissioning nuclear reactors was looking for an additional solution to assist in the process. A custom motorized platform cart was designed to safely and securely hold a nuclear containment system and move up to 4,000 pound loads.


Load Capacity: 4,000 lbs

Custom Transfer Cart For Moving Loads Up To 10000 Pounds
Transfer Carts in Automotive Manufacturing

A global manufacturer of structural automotive components was looking for a way to reduce their forklift use. A custom motorized transfer cart, designed to move up to 10,000 pound loads with wireless control, was the answer.


Load Capacity: 10,000 lbs

1052 Motorized Scissor Lift
Self Propelled Scissor Lift Cart

A window and door manufacturer recently improved efficiency and ergonomics in its manufacturing facility by using long, motorized lift table carts. The project not only utilized custom motorized carts, but also created safer, more efficient parts processing.


Load Capacity: 2,500 lbs
Deck Size: 30″ W by 144″ L

Wireless Transfer Cart
Transfer Cart

A manufacturer of steel pipe for the oil and gas industry had used a side-loading forklift to transfer 20 to 40 ft. long steel pipe from a cart to a work cell in its facility. Working with their team, we designed a custom cart that included an on-board scale, wireless remote control and could move an 8,000 lb. payload up a 5 degree incline..


Load Capacity: 8,000 lbs
Deck Size: 30″ W by 96″ L

Stock Picking Cart
Stock Picking Cart

Stock picking cart was designed with (2) two pendant controls so the operator can control from either side.


Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Deck Size: 36″ W by 60″ L

Custom NEMA 4X Motorized Cart
Custom NEMA 4x Motorized Cart

A large international industrial client faced such a challenge when they were trying to move a 3,500 pound payload in tight spaces. After exhausting all manual transport options, the client turned to Electro Kinetic Technologies for assistance.


Load Capacity: 3,500 lbs
Deck Size: 30″ W by 120″ L

2000 lb Capacity Government Aerospace Industry
Custom Motorized Cart for NASA

When NASA was looking to build a cart to move equipment used in the servicing of their jet engines, it became apparent that the push/pull forces necessary to move the 2000 pound cart raised the potential for employees to sustain musculoskeletal injuries during transport.


Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Deck Size: 36″ W by 72″ L

Custom Motorized Platform Cart
Move 4,000 Pounds With One Hand

What motorized options can be easily maneuvered, and accommodate both exceptionally lengthy and heavy materials? The answer was a custom motorized platform cart.


Load Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Deck Size: 34″ W by 122″ L

Die Cart For Foundry Industry
Custom Foundry Cart

There are certain jobs people identify as having characteristics such as toughness, strength and even brute force. Workers in foundries certainly fit this image.


Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Deck Size: 30″ W by 96″ L

1500 lb. Capacity Core Sample Cart Petroleum Industry
Core Sample Cart

Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Deck Size: 27″ W by 49″ L

Stainless Steel Clean Room Cart
Stainless Steel Clean Room Cart

Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Deck Size: 27″ W by 50″ L

Industrial Pump Manufacturer
Wood cart for Industrial Pump Manufacturer

This cart has removable side panels and risers for loading with a forklift.

Load Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Deck Size: 50″ W by 96″ L

Mobile Server For Telco Industry
Cart for Mobile Server

Cart included mounting holes for server enclosure and LED running lights.

Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Deck Size: 27″ W by 49″ L

Cart with Stainless Steel Rack For Printing Industry
Cart with Stainless Steel Rack

Cart included custom stainless steel rack to conform to customer’s exact requirements.

Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Deck Size: 31″ W by 70″ L

Motorized Solution for Bariatric Hospital Beds
Motorized Solution for Bariatric Hospital Beds

When a Fortune 500 company in the Healthcare industry came to us to solve an ergonomic problem, we answered the call.

Double Deck Custom Cart
Double Deck Custom Cart

A Tier 1 supplier to the automotive industry needed some help to move materials around their manufacturing plant. Solution was a double deck custom cart.

Load Capacity: 3,000 lbs
Deck Size: 35″ W by 52″ L

Stainless Steel Cart
Stainless Steel Cart

Designed for a customer in the Pharmaceutical industry, this cart has electronics and batteries inside NEMA 1/IP20 enclosure.

Load Capacity: 1,100 lbs
Deck Size: 30″ W by 48″ L

Stainless Steel Cart
Stainless Steel Cart

Designed for a customer in the Pharmaceutical industry, this cart has electronics and batteries inside NEMA 1/IP20 enclosure.

Load Capacity: 1,100 lbs
Deck Size: 30″ W by 60″ L

Off Road Cart
Off Road Cart

Designed for a customer in the Telco industry, this cart has 10” x 3” pneumatic wheels with a very aggressive tread for off-road use. LED running lights assist with night use. Batteries and electronics were housed in easily accessible locked drawer.

Load Capacity: 1,100 lbs
Deck Size: 27″ W by 60″ L

Custom Electric Tugger With Lift
Custom Electric Tugger

Designed for a customer in the Food & Beverage industry, this cart has a custom lift along with electronics and batteries inside NEMA 2/IP22 enclosure.
Custom Electric Tugger With Pallet


Maximum Lifting Payload: 200 lbs
Required pulling/pushing force: 750 lbs
Lowered Deck Height: 24″

Large Deck With Dual Controls
Large Deck with Dual Controls

A customer in the metal fabrication/extruder industry needed a custom motorized cart to move bundles of extrusions and pallets of parts. They also required dual controls for operation on either end of cart and flip up risers.

Load Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Deck Size: 48″ W by 168″ L

Custom Cart
Motorized Cart for Moving Copper Pipe

A manufacturer of refrigeration equipment and systems for commercial and industrial uses needed to find an ergonomic solution to move copper pipe up to 15 feet long around their production facility. The solution required that the materials could be loaded onto the cart with a forklift and removable corner rails to prevent the pipe from rolling off the cart during transport. 

Load Capacity: 2,000 lbs
Deck Size: 40″ W by 180″ L

Custom Cart for Moving Large Weldments
Motorized Cart for Transporting Large Weldments

A heavy equipment manufacturer asked Electro Kinetic Technologies to design a custom solution for transporting 18’ long weldments between crane bays in their large welding and machining facility. The custom motorized cart our engineers developed for this application had an extra large deck, and was outfitted with steel-backed, wood-lined pockets to secure pairs of the lengthy weldments in a safe and accessible position.

Load Capacity: 4,000 lbs
Deck Size: 81” W x 144” L

Custom Motorized Platform Cart with Rubbermaid Shelving
Motorized Rubbermaid Platform Cart for Food Service

The cart above was developed for a major pharmaceutical producer. This was for their food service group, whose responsibilities include catering to groups meeting in conference rooms around the facility. A particular challenge, and potential cause of injury, is moving catering carts laden with food and beverages up a carpeted ramp. We shipped a pair of these carts, which should easily overcome this challenge.

The Rubbermaid cart is the one they normally use for catering. In this case, they ordered new and had them shipped directly to EKT.

EKT to mount motorized cart.

Model 1031-S with Shelving Mounted

Load Capacity: 1,500 lbs
Deck Size: 25.5” W x 40” L

Shelving: Rubbermaid X-tra Utility Cart

  • Model 4091
  • Supplied by customer
  • EKT to assemble, but no casters and no cart handles

Electro Kinetic Technologies also provides non-motorized components when necessary to complete a total material handling solution. View the gallery below for examples of these unique projects, and the manual carts we use to augment them.

Non-Motorized Custom Cart
Non-Motorized Transfer Cart

This non-motorized transfer cart solution was designed to move steel pallets for a major food and beverage brand. The design included a custom size requirement, 40 inch high posts on all corners, a hitch installed for a Pony Express 1065 tugger, and the ability to move up to 10 pallets.

Deck Size: 144″ L x 36″ W

Non-Motorized Cart With Four Wheel Steering
Non-motorized cart with four wheel steering and ring coupler for towing

Load Capabilities: Up to 40,000 lbs.
Deck Size: Up to 24 feet long x 10 feet wide

Non-Motorized Cart With Four Wheel Steering
Non-motorized cart with front wheel steering and ring coupler for towing

Load Capabilities: Up to 80,000 lbs.
Deck Size: Up to 24 feet long x 10 feet wide

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